"I just want to thank you for being a huge contributor to the improvement of my golf game. As a former professional on the mini-tour and a certified golf teaching professional I am very cautious about endorsing anything that is suppose to help the golf game. Without reservation I can confidently recommend your program.

With just a few visits, the treatment with the PRO ADJUSTER has already made quite a difference in my golf game. I have increased my shoulder rotation by at least 10 inches. The benefit being an increase in distance and consistency. I no longer have to work hard to get my club back into the desired position. The increase in flexibility has giving me the effortless power I enjoyed in my younger tournament days.

I have and will continue to recommend your program to any golfers that I came across who want to increase their flexibility, distance, and accuracy. Thanks again."


"On September 22, I was in a horrible car accident. I was in quite a bit of pain in my upper back, neck and shoulder area. It hurt to move my head from side to side, stretch, move quickly, etc. Pretty much everything I did from the mid back up was painful. I was unable to exercise like I wanted, I was unable to play the tennis that I wanted, and even doing something simple like turning over in bed was incredibly painful. I'm so glad I made the decision to see Dr. Horsley.

Dr. Horsley has been treating me and has set me up on some physical therapy exercises that I've been doing faithfully. The difference this has made in my recovery has been amazing. I feel so much better! I'm exercising like I want to and able to do all the things I was doing before.

Dr. Horsley's office is professional, pleasant and friendly. Seeing him has helped me tremendously."


"When I was in my car accident I suffered from whiplash. I didn't know that such a small accident would make my neck hurt as much as it did. I couldn't sleep well and when I woke up my neck was stiff and in a lot of pain. It was hard to work and to play with my daughter.

When I went to Dr. Horsley's Chiropractic Clinic I was treated with great service. Dr. Horsley is very knowledgeable and I trusted him with the care of my neck. They have the highest quality of equipment so I knew I was getting the best treatment. I noticed the difference right away. The physical therapy was excellent and was what I needed to keep my neck strong. Now that I am finished with physical therapy I feel great like before the accident happened.

I would highly recommend Dr. Horsley to my family and friends. I will be a continued patient for all of my chiropractic needs."


"A few months ago I started getting back pain. I went to see [another doctor] but he was reluctant to operate because of my medical problems. He told me to get some therapy, which I did five weeks of it, but I got no relief and I got worse. I was so bad that I could only walk 70 to 80 feet and the pain came and I would need to sit or lay down. One night I was watching TV and saw a painless way to relieve back pain. I got an appointment to see Dr. Horsley, a chiropractor, and got started. I got feeling better and after all my treatments the pain was gone. I can walk again with no pain in my back. I am so grateful for the care and concern Dr. Horsley and his staff extended to me every time I went there."


"I was at a stop light waiting my turn to go and was hit from behind. A few days to a week later I was having horrible headaches and neck pain. I was referred to Dr. Horsley and I was diagnosed with whiplash. My experience has been wonderful. It is a family friendly environment. Dr. Horsley and staff make it a very pleasant and relaxing place to come. If I ever need any other Chiropractic needs this is where I will come."


"My primary physician referred me to Dr. Erik S. Horsley. I had severe sciatica pain running down my right leg for 2 years that was beginning to affect my ability to walk. The chronic pain was debilitating. After 1 month of seeing Dr. Horsley, my ability to walk right returned, and the chronic pain just about went away...I expect to be pain free and walking every day soon."


"I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the efforts that Doctor Erik Horsley has provided for the very noticeable improvement in my health and well being...By using the Pro Adjuster on my neck and back, I have been able to increase my body rotation which has dramatically changed my golf game...I highly recommend the chiropractic services of Doctor Erik Horsley, as well as his use of the Pro Adjuster, to any and all individuals that have any type of physical pain as well as the desire to improve their health or golf game, whichever may be the case."


"About 3 weeks ago my back just kinda went out and a buddy in my office highly recommended Dr. Horsley. My lumbar and sacrum areas were really tight and these sessions really work! I did a 72 mile bike ride, with no back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Horsley and the Pro Adjuster system."


"October 30th was a scary day. Driving home from work to my 9 month pregnant wife where I was involved in a car accident that injured my back to a point it hurt to stand, walk, sit, or lay down. Was referred to Dr. Horsley by a friend. 3 months later I am back to pre-accident health. Very thankful for Dr. Horsley and staff for all their help getting me back to health and now able to hold and play with my baby boy. Will be a patient to Dr. Horsley forever."


"Before my doctor referred me to Dr. Horsley I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would be in pain and would need pain pills for a long time. After the fourth visit I could tell a big difference. I found that I wasn't thinking about my back pain near as much as I used to. After seven or eight visits I felt wonderful. I stopped using pain pills and actually feel like I can perform my normal day to day activities without suffering with the pain later on. The best part is that I don't need pain pills anymore. Dr. Horsley and staff are very friendly and make every visit enjoyable. I would recommend Dr. Horsley and his new procedures to everyone without any hesitation."


"After having 3 lower back surgeries to fix herniated disks, I've had enough. I swore that I would never have another operation. I went to physical therapy, had cortisone shots, and did everything the doctors told me to do. And it still came back. I started looking online for some kind of relief from the pain in my back and that shooting down my leg. I found a website talking about laser treatments that didn't involve any surgery. The more I read about it, the better it sounded. I found that Dr. Horsley's office was very close to home, and that he had the K-Laser in use. I went to his office with my pain level staying at a constant 8. I have had a half a dozen treatments now and my pain level in my back and leg has gone from 8 down to 1. IT WORKS!!!!"


"I'm 54 years old...I began the laser treatment along with hydro-massage and I have to tell you I'm stunned by the results! After 10 treatments my back pain is almost gone. I can get in and out of bed with no problems and I have started walking 2 miles each evening. Last Saturday I worked on the yard for 4 hours, an activity that would normally have destroyed my back for several days, but today I'm doing great! It's like I didn't do anything physically stressful two days ago. And I'm doing all this without the prescription pain medication or the muscle relaxant. Thank you so much for your care and thank you for suggesting laser therapy! I don't think you could have found a bigger skeptic than me but now I would recommend laser therapy to anyone! I have complete confidence that I've finally found the solution to my many years of pain."


"I was in a car accident over 3 months ago. Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Horsley and Pro-Adjuster I suffered from extreme headaches, sharp shooting pain in my neck and extreme stiffness and aching in my neck and shoulders. When Dr. Horsley suggested K-Laser therapy I was willing to try anything to feel better. After 1 laser treatment the symptoms had nearly disappeared. When I received my 2nd treatment I was shocked and thankful that there was no trace of pain or discomfort. Laser treatment has made it possible for me to resume my love for teaching dance without limitations. A month later I received 1 laser treatment on my lower back from a dance related injury and once again the results were noticeable immediately."


"I had been having some shoulder pain and worried about a torn rotator cuff and after researching the K-Laser I decided to make an appointment for me and try it on my shoulder. After the first few treatments, my range of motion was improving. By the 5th treatment, I had full range of motion and no pain in the shoulder. I have also been experiencing hip pain after I run or walk, so I had one K-Laser treatment and the pain has disappeared...I am so thankful to have found Dr. Horsley and his wonderful staff. It has been the best experience and the best environment; they treat you like family and take really good care of you."


"I came to see Dr. Horsley after 1 full week of excruciating pain in my low back. I was to the point that I could not even stand up straight, or hardly walk, and taking prescription pain pills, muscle relaxers, and nerve blockers every 4 hours. Therefore Dr. Horsley suggested K-Laser therapy. Dr. Horsley did the first treatment in the morning and I didn't see much of a change until later on that afternoon. About early evening I was able to stand up straight with minimal discomfort. I went back the next day and Dr. Horsley did another treatment and at that time it was just before the Thanksgiving holiday, and I was able to have an enjoyable holiday with a pain level that was at a 10-12 reduced to a 2. This K-Laser is awesome."


"I've struggled with back pain for over 20 years. I've had months of physical therapy, taken thousands of pain medications, and even had two surgeries. While I've had some relief nothing has removed the pain. Surgery has left me with permanent numbness in my legs and feet. Three months ago I had another episode. My doctor once again suggested narcotic pain reliever, physical therapy, and even another surgery. Frustrated at my prospects I approached Dr. Horsley who recommended laser therapy. Six treatments later I had no pain and three months later still no pain. No longer do I need to sit out of family activities. I'm finally able to work on getting myself in better physical condition."


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