Auto Safety Facts that can save your life and the lives of your children

February, 2016


  • Airbags are a supplemental restraint system (SRS). They are intended to work in conjunction with your seat belt and shoulder harness, not INSTEAD of them.
  • Seat belts alone reduce serious or fatal injury risk by 42%.
  • Airbags alone reduce serious or fatal injury by only 12%.
  • Airbags come out at speeds of up to 200 mph! In the event of a crash, keep your hands away from the airbag module cover to avoid injury.
  • Special risk occupants: A smaller person, whose chest is 10 inches or closer to the steering wheel, is at risk of being struck by the inflating airbag. Injuries can be serious or even fatal. Some cars have adjustable brake and accelerator pedals to allow shorter drivers to adjust their seats farther back.

Source: Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

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